SHIRAKAWA DEEP-DIVE into Japanese Food Culture with a private English staff activity

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Located close to Chion-in Temple, the head temple of the Jodo Sect Buddhism established in 1175, Furukawacho Shopping Arcade has developed and long thrived as a temple town. There are historical sites nearby, such as Heian Jingu Shrine, Yasaka Jinja Shrine, and Kodai-ji Temple, attracting many visitors throughout the year. Today, the shopping arcade is lined with about 40 stores, including both new and old establishments. 

<General Information>
 Adults (12 and older)          15,000 yen/person
 Children (6 to 11)               10,000 yen/person
 Young children (under 5)     Free of charge

●Minimum participant:
 A group of 2 or more each per session
 * If paid for 2, you are welcome to apply for one.
      In that case, please apply and pay for 2. 

 Up to 6 people per session
 (* Young children aged 5 or under are not counted.
   Only one per adult can participate.)

 ①10am-1pm ②1pm-4pm

 No specified transportation service offered.
 (Please come to each workshop site by yourself) 

●Sign-up deadline:
 7 days prior to the workshop date

 Furukawacho Shopping Arcade, Shirakawa District 

●Meeting place:
 Furukawa Shuzo
 (547-2 Furukawa-cho, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto, Japan 605-0026)

 English (An English-speaking staff will attend to you.) 

 Reservation is accepted on a request basis.
 Register up to your third choice for workshops.
 Reservation flow:

  1. Application
  2. Payment
  3. Availability for participation to selected workshops notification. Coordination for alternative workshops, where necessary.
  4. Reservation confirmed (or fee refunded when no workshop available).

 We will contact you via email within 3 business days after your application/payment.

 You may not be able to participate in the workshop of your choice, as this will depend on reservation availability.
 In this case, the prepaid fee will be refunded to the credit card you used for the payment.

An English-speaking staff will attend to you at all of the workshops.

[1] Knife sharpening (90 minutes)
You will be experiencing knife sharpening at a store specializing in sharpening cutting tools on a whetstone. Receiving instruction from an artisan with a 30-year career is an experience available only at Furukawacho Shopping Arcade. Learn to sharpen knives properly, and your daily cooking will surely be more enjoyable.
*This workshop is not making knife but sharpening knife and learning about knife.
*You cannot take any knife home, but you can buy at the craft store.

Lecture on the types of kitchen knives (15 min)
Lecture on the different blades (15 min)
Lecture on how to sharpen a knife using a whetstone, followed by a workshop (60 min)

[2] Obanzai making (70 minutes)
“Obanzai” is a term used exclusively in Kyoto, that indicates home-cooked dishes with recipes handed down by generations within each family. The chef-owner of an obanzai store at the shopping arcade, Kyo-gohan Nishimura, will share the family recipe. You will buy ingredients at stores at the shopping arcade, and cook obanzai dishes with the chef-owner.

Receiving a lecture on how to cook  (10 min)

Cooking workshop (30 min)

Eating the obanzai dishes you made (30 min)

Please contact Shirakawa Community Design Company(shirakawa.cmo@gmail.com)

[Business hours]
Weekdays: 10:00am to 6:00 pm / Closed on Sunday, and public holidays

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Ticket Information




Experience Hours
Limit the number of people
6Up to 1 person

More Information

Reservation Deadline

The start of the experience7daysUp to 1 hour before

What's included in the experience

Admission to two workshops, payment for the English-speaking staff

* Price for ingredients for the food you cook during the workshop ([2] and [3])

* Price for Japanese sake for tasting ([5])


Languages for Live Guide


Languages of materials


What is not included in the experience

- Transportation expenses to the meeting place

- Expenses for personal shopping, including tax and service charge (meals, drinks, souvenirs)

- Additional charges due to a participant’s individual request


Management organization is Furukawa Shuzo (Shirakawa Community Design Company) .

What you need

Nothing in particular.

Cancellation Policy

1Days before 100%
3Days before 70%

Meeting place

古川趣蔵/Furukawa Shuzo

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