Let's make the only original Onigawara in the world! activity

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Anyone can make it using the traditional craft tile using the tile workshop's original method! Let's make the only Onigawara for you, the only one in the world!!

arts and culture couples family friendly youth

Ticket Information

お1人様あたり  (2Person~4Person)

お1人様あたり  (5Person~9Person)

お1人様あたり  (10Person~30Person)

お1人様あたり  (31PersonMore than)

Requires a certain level of physical strength
Experience Hours
Limit the number of people
5Up to 1 person

More Information

Reservation Deadline

The start of the experience1daysUp to 1 hour before

What's included in the experience

Drinking water, feeding


What is not included in the experience

Shipping costs for returns due to absence


It gets dirty easily, so please wear clothes that can get dirty

Cancellation Policy

3Days14Hours before 100%


Experience schedule

Kawara Kobo You Family Gathering → Brief Explanation of Kawara for about 10 minutes → Start of production → 2 hours 20 minutes (there are variations in manual dexterity, and the time to finish will also go back and forth)

Meeting place


Vendor Information




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