Easy Bicycle Rental Kyoto (City Cycle)

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By renting a bicycle, you can move away from bus and car traffic jams and crowds.

In addition to self-paced sightseeing without being bound by timetables, you can also make your own Kyoto trip, such as discoveries not listed in guidebooks.

[We have prepared 2 types of bicycles]

・City cycle: Includes an internal 8-speed transmission to support comfortable cycling.

⇒You can make a reservation from this reservation screen.

・Electrically Assisted Bicycle Standard: For customers who don't have confidence in their leg strength. It's also easy to travel on slopes and long distances.

⇒Please reserve a standard electrically assisted bicycle from below.


[About cancellation fees]

Cancellations and refunds are possible up to 1 hour before the trial time.

[Reservation deadline]

Until 3 days ago

Kyoto Station Cycle Terminal
9:00~18:00  MAP

day trips and excursions

Ticket Information

Children (elementary school students)


Adults (middle school students and above)

Experience Hours

More Information

Reservation Deadline

The start of the experience3daysUp to 1 hour before

What's included in the experience

Bicycle rental fee, helmet rental fee, insurance fee (not applicable to theft)



■You cannot apply if you are under 150 cm tall.

■It is 1 day in units of business hours (9:00 to 18:00). (Example: If you rent at 13:00 and return at 12:00 the next day, you will rent for 2 days, and the fee for the 2nd day is the normal rate.)

■The bicycle is a high-class “silver wheel” with KCTP's original interior and 8-speed transmission. If you would like a children's bicycle or other type of vehicle, you can use it at the regular rate. Please contact the store for details.

■Rounding off is not possible.

■If there is a bicycle parking space at the property, you can use it every day. Please check with the property yourself.

■Personal and property damage insurance is included, but please note that we cannot guarantee more than the insurance limit.

■Please follow traffic rules and manners when riding a bicycle and use it safely. Be sure to park your bicycle in a designated bicycle parking space at sightseeing spot.

Cancellation Policy

1Hours before 100%

Meeting place

京都駅サイクルターミナル(京都サイクリングツアープロジェクト)/ Kyoto Station Cycle Terminal(Kyoto Cycling Tour Project)

Vendor Information

株式会社JTB 京都支店 / JTB corp. Kyoto office

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