[July/ Honke TanKuma Honten] “KYOTO365” collaboration project delivered by young owners born in restaurants

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The “Kyoto Cuisine Mebae-kai Associationis” is an activity for active chefs to contribute to the development of Japanese cuisine and the promotion of Kyoto's food culture. The Kyoto Food Culture Experience Project “Touching the Real Thing” offered by the Kyoto Cuisine Mebae-kai - KYOTO 365 - Finished with content incorporating the characteristics of a Japanese restaurant every month.

[Kyoto Cuisine Honke TanKuma Honten]

-Kawadoko Dinner Kaiseki+Gion Hayashi Performance/Story-
Why don't you enjoy summer in Kyoto in July, when the heat in Gion heats up? We have prepared a special plan where you can enjoy kaiseki cuisine at Kamogawadoko, the story of the husband who is also the hayashi master of the Gion Festival and Takayama, and the Gion bayashi performance right in front of you.

●Implementation Schedule/2024/7/5 (Fri), 6 (Sat), 12 (Fri), 13 (Sat)

●Meeting place: Honke TanKuma Honten

●Meeting time/16:50

●Start time/17:00.

●Price: Adults  (20 years and over) 18,500 yen

● Minimum paid persons/2

●Application /4 days before

*Information will be provided in Japanese.

●About cancellation fees

Not required until 3 days in advance, 30% of the tour fee from 2 days in advance, 50% from the day before, 100% on the day

●Contact information for this tour

Company Name: JTB Co., Ltd. Store Name: JTB Kyoto Branch

Contact: TEL: 075-365-7730 Payment time: 10:00 - 17:30 (closed on public holidays)

Mail: link_kyoto@jtb.com

Operated by:HonkeTankuma Honten

[Travel conditions and trip price standards] 

These travel conditions are based on April 1, 2024. 

Also, trip price are calculated based on the fares and rules in effect as of April 1, 2024. 

Statement of Travel Terms and Conditions (for Agent-Organized Domestic Tours within Japan) 

Privacy Policy (Personal Information Protection Policy) 

If your county of residence is in EEA, please download attached file JTB PRIVACY NOTICE and send consent-form by e-mail(link_kyoto@jtb.com). 

Consent Form (Adult) 

Consent Form (for children under 16 years old) 

culinary luxury

Ticket Information

Adult (20 years and over)

Experience Hours

More Information

Reservation Deadline

The start of the experience4daysUp to 1 hour before

What's included in the experience

・Meal fee

・Expenses related to food culture experiences


What is not included in the experience

・Transportation expenses from home to departure and arrival

・Personal expenses such as drinks and souvenirs at the time of meals, and taxes and service charges associated with them

・Additional charges due to the customer's own wishes


・If you have any allergies, please let us know in advance.

・When it rains, you will eat in the restaurant instead of the Kawadoko.

●About cancellation fees

Not required until 3 days in advance, 30% of the tour fee from 2 days in advance, 50% from the day before, 100% on the day

Cancellation Policy

0Hours before 100%
1Days before 50%
2Days before 30%



16:50 Meeting at Honke Tankuma Honten

17:00 Kawatoko Kaiseki+Young Master's Tales and Gion Bayashi Performance

19:30 Dissolution

Meeting place

京料理 本家たん熊/Honke Tankuma Honten

Vendor Information

京料理 本家たん熊(お問い合わせ先:JTB京都支店)



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