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Kimono Rental Mimosa has opened at MK Taxi Kyoto Station Hachijo Exit. Kimono Rental mimosa offers kimonos that are perfect for sightseeing in Kyoto. Same-day reservations are also possible, so be sure to enjoy a special experience by renting a kimono.

We are waiting for you with a wide variety of patterns and types of kimonos. You can freely choose everything from belt ornaments to hair accessories, so you can enjoy coordinating in your own way. We look forward to welcoming you to our store. Please enjoy the beauty of kimono to your heart's content while walking around the city of Kyoto.

arts and culture group friendly

Ticket Information

adult (no hair set)


Adult (hair set available)

Experience Hours

More Information

Reservation Deadline

Up to the time of the start of the experience

What is not included in the experience

・Hair set basic plan 550 yen
*Hair Irons are available to use, so please use by yourself.

・Haori (Short Coat for Formal Kimono) rental fee: 550 yen
・Change from half obi belt to double obi belt 3,300 yen
・Change from half obi belt to decorative obi belt 4,400 yen
・Small items rental
Umbrella 550 yen
Bag upgrade 550 yen
Fake Fur Kimono Stole: Large 1,100 yen, Small 550 yen
・Change the return time from 9am to 10am the next day 1,100 yen
・Rental extension for 1 day (return the next day from 10am to 6pm) 2,200 yen

Cancellation Policy

Experience day before 100%

Meeting place

着物レンタルmimosa京都駅八条口店(MKのりば)/KYOTO KIMONO RENTAL MIMOSA(MK Travel)

Vendor Information



京都府京都市南区東九条上殿田町47 イビススタイルズ京都ステーション

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